Mentoring in test automation for beginners

(Viktoriano) #1

Hi Community,

I am providing a mentoring support for those beginners who:

  • want to learn automated testing but don’t know where to start from;
  • who are not sure that they are able to learn a programming language by themselves;
  • who don’t have a roadmap and have doubts what’s better and what’s not.

I developed my own mentoring course based on Java programming language which leads a tester through the whole process of understanding and implementing an effective test automation. Continuous integration, test frameworks, lots of practice - this is not the complete list of included topics.

Please feel free to ask me for details!

(Stephanie) #2

Awesome!! I would really love a mentor in this area. Looking to get started in automation. I was thinking about starting to learn Selenium, would that be a good starting point?

(Shevon) #3

I would like to know more details.

(Imran) #4

I am interested, would like to know more details.

(Viktoriano) #5

Depends on where you are going to work afterwards. If you decide to go the the web automation, than Selenium is a must.

I am not mentioning Selenium right now but not because I don’t want. I am not mentioning because I haven’t developed any courses material for that (nobody asked for that before).

However, I have a very good mentoring course for beginners, as I’ve already mentioned. If you’re interested, please send me contact me through the me page and I will send you the details. Thanks!

(Viktoriano) #6

Glad to hear that. Please contact me through the me page and I will send you the course topics and all the details.

(Viktoriano) #7


As I have already replied to the previous comments, please send me your request through the me page and I will forward all the details to you.

Many thanks!

(Jean-Jacques) #9

Sounds cool. :slight_smile:
I’m currently learning Selenium.
That said it’s getting me back to Java programming and that’s pretty cool.
So I have books for Selenium. I have a book that talks about writing test cases and alike but I feel it is just scratching the surface + I’d love to try myself on writing all those things but I can’t make it up myself. How could I find an available project to practice?
I’ve seen videos on Youtube with people showing how you’d write test cases but I have this feeling it is always scratching the surface. I’d like to see( or have that explained) the process of creating al the documents and better being involved in it. What could you propose? Do you know anything that could help?

(Andy) #10

Selenium is still going to use a backing language like Java to do all the work. So looking into @viktoriano course might be worth it. However you don’t have to use Java to build your automation frame work with selenium.

Does your work already have a framework in place? If so, maybe learning that would be more beneficial in the short term.

My recommendation would be to learn basic computer science concepts which translates to any language and then looking into the specifics of selenium.

Learning git is another essential tool if your planning on not being the only contributor to the automation as well.

(Andy) #11

Dave’s courses are also pretty handy. He’s got a dummy website up as well you can write tests against.

(Burdette) #12

Git, whether or not working alone.

And do consider using a GitHub repository.