Looking for a mentor from manual to automation. Please guide me

Hi everyone,
I need suggestion about how can I move from manual to automation . I already started selenium with java but I don’t know which scenarios need to automate. what would be beneficial for me, lots of questions in my mind related to automation . Please contact me at satveer.bajwa@gmail.com. Thanks in advance .

Few links to get you going



Hi @satveerqa,
Here few links :

i don’t know why so many people use java with selenium, if you are testing web interfaces then use a nicer language like python or ruby. With java being a compiled language you will have lots more work and much harder debugging to get your tests to work. Also you will need java licences to run your tests , this means at best complex installs and at worst paying cash.

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Yep, I work with python. I looked into java because it seems a lot of companies use but now I’m grateful for python.

Ruby has quite a large learning curve which puts some people off.

We built Axcept for easy test automation. It’s a visual regression testing tool that is web based and has an easy learning curve. You don’t need to know much about coding, just basic HTML/CSS skills (seletors) are required to get started.
Let me know if you need help!

Some time ago I shared some links on basics of testing in the QA StackExchange.

Let me copy what is there regarding automation in testing: