What do you think about Automation in Selenium

Thinking to start automation in selenium . What guys you think . Please give me suggestions how to start up…


automationintesting.com - by @friendlytester
I did that, which gave me a great start, and then supplemented it with a course on pluralsight, which I’m fortunate enough to get through work.
You don’t say what experience you already have, but Richard’s course above gives a basic grounding in programming, then Java, then Selenium.
I’m only three months into my journey, but already finding loads of uses in automating the grindy parts of testing that I do.


What @j.brannan says :slight_smile:

Enjoy the journey! I encourage you to consider what needs automation. Too often I see automation for the indulgence of the person creating the automation and not enough consideration of what a test will help someone or some team learn.
I also encourage you to explore not only UI based automation but automation under the UI. These tools include MSTest, NUnit, or JUnit.


Thanks @j.brannan and @joe for your suggestions
Yeah I am familiar with the selenium webdriver … Not too deeply but I know like how to create envionment seen some tutorials …coding part doesn’t know too much …
I have downloaded UI based tools too but my team prefer to work on selenium I think the main reason behind this it is free to use …

hehe, the software is free to use but WebDriver is really software development with a QA mindset. Still it is software development. Other tools are designed for testers who do not code. WebDriver assumes you know how to code. You don’t have to be a hard core programmer using advanced techniques, but you don’t have to have some software development knowledge.

The more software dev knowledge you have the better.

Pick a language you like. Don’t let someone tell you to use a particular binding because it will be ‘easier’ for non-programmers. I have seen numerous times people have pushed a particular language which Selenium supports because they were trying to ‘keep it simple’ for the tester. BS.

I started life programming Java (out of the languages Selenium supports) first. So I know it best. Plus I know the tools (IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition). The tools make programming much easier. If you have software devs which can show you a particular language and the tools to use with it, all the better.

Setup a test project and write tests for a particular PUBLIC website. If you get stuck, post what you are trying to do (always write the test first then the code to implement it), the public site and maybe the code you attempted.

We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks @darrell.grainger… for your help . I will keep in my mind these things during deciding the tool .
Thanks again

Selenium is definitely a good place to start. There are other automation frameworks but Selenium I find is still one of the easiest to use.

Something I would suggest is to pick a relatively simple website to start learning. Something fairly static with minimal AJAX. Something where content doesn’t change very often and/or isn’t dynamic i.e. based on time of day or personalisation. I think https://www.ministryoftesting.com/ is good.

(I’m assuming you haven’t had much experience with programming)

First try doing simple thing like just trying to get Selenium to do things like click on a link to navigate around the website. Be a bit specific so you click on the link you want. At this point don’t worry about things like making your code pretty or Page Objects.

Then try to add asserts (checks) to make sure you can identify things like a piece of text, a link, a button etc.

Once you’re comfortable with this then start trying to do more programming type things e.g. reducing duplicate code by putting them into methods/functions.

After that you can start looking into Page Objects Models. When you start doing this read the Selenium examples carefully. There are some basic yet fundamental mistakes that a lot of people make when building their POs.

One last thing (I think): Assuming you’re going to code in Java then you should also look into a test framework like Junit or TestNG. Either is fine. If you haven’t used these before then do learn the basics before you jump into Selenium. Things should make a bit more sense.

Good luck.


Thanks Lim … You have provided me very useful information … Thank you so much Lim … Yeah I have worked on selenium little bit not too much like to find element and then click the element and enter the text in text boxes and Just one question to you Selenium support to image testing or not ??? …because my motive is to automate projects based on images …but I have read on google that selenium doesn’t support image testing … I was wondering to know is this possible with selenium or not …I hope you will provide me the best answer.?

There’re so many thing to consider starting to work with “Automation in Test” (Richard docet) that I don’t know what can be my 2 cents.

I suggest to start thinking at the execution of your code: do you run it on your local machine or such in a Test Farm? This should better address your ideas on the code language to select.


Hi guys ,Thanks to everyone for your reply .Finally I have started working on automation on selenium web driver using c# . I am getting error exception unhandled while trying to run the basic script ( find element using x path ) see screenshot below
Please help me to solve this . I have implemented many solutions to solve this error but still getting :neutral_face:

Worth reading this before starting your Automation journey to get it right. @satveerqa Best of Luck in your journey.

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