Resources for Test Automation

(Victor) #1


Could someone please recommend some good books, online/video tutorials for test automation?


Getting started with the basics of automation code
(nicola) #2

Richard Bradshaw’s series on Selenium Webdriver is a great starting point - it’s on The Dojo (you need to be a premium user)

Also, Joe Colantonio lists useful resources here

(Wojciech) #3

What do you want to automate (web app, APIs, Windows application, …)? How does the current manual process look like? Do you have one?

(arjun) #4

You can refer a great place to start Selenium with Java

(Cassandra) #8

You might find useful for getting started and weekly tips to your inbox, but it’s specific to Selenium.

(Viktoriano) #9

I am sharing my experience here:
It’s not for beginners but you may find something useful