Getting started with the basics of automation code

(Darren) #1

Hi all. I’ve been a tester for a few years now and want to dip my toes into automation. There are a few opportunities to build some scripts where I am currently (using Protractor) but I have very little experience in programming skills. I therefore feel I want to start with the basic concepts and learn to walk before I run.

I hear terms like “objects” and “elements” thrown around for example but I have little concept of what they are to a language to consider adding them into a piece of code. Therefore can someone recommend any free courses they know of that go through programming fundamentals please? I think this would be a good place for me to start before I then start to learn more about JavaScript and Protractor…and/or whatever else?

Thanks in advance.

(Aine) #2

Hi Darren, there seems to be a chat already happening that might be useful Resources for Test Automation

(Darren) #3

Thanks Aine. Looks like there’s coverage around data types and variables and that’s a good starting point for me.

(Vishal Dutt) #4

This question raised on every manual testing engineer mind that how and from where they can start automation testing because many testers don’t know how to move from manual testing to test automation.

If we talk about ‘software testing services’, there is a huge demand of automation these days and they want engineers who have good hand in manual and automation testing as well. But, most of the engineers who are working in manual testing they are confused about the skill set they needed for test automation or how these skills should be learned and in what order. Basically, the process of learning test automation is similar with climbing a staircase, one stair at a time and each next skill should be just a bit more complex that the previous one.

To start from scratch, these were the basics which needs to be covered by every manual engineer:

  1. Learning a programming language: This is one of the vital need for manual engineer if they want to switch it from manual to automation because learning a programming language is must. As learning and understanding, the code will probably be one of the most difficult parts of learning test automation.

  2. Learn the right tools and knowledge of the framework: The beginners can make their process very easier if they use combination of frameworks, open-source tools and third-party tools for automation as it is widely used by ‘top software testing companies’ these days. Because, if you are new to the automation industry, you must have knowledge one of the programming language like (C, C++, Java, .net and etc).

  3. Starting from small things: Starting from small things would be best approach for the beginners. Because. if we start working on small applications, then it makes the job very easier and we can gain more knowledge on automation as smaller the test cases are, its easier for us to debug, maintain, and reuse it. We cannot get crazy in beginning with automation by automating the heavy test cases contains complicated code. So, prioritize the test case with the difficult level would be the essential part.

Hope this information will be helpful for you.