Getting started with the basics of automation code

(Darren) #1

Hi all. I’ve been a tester for a few years now and want to dip my toes into automation. There are a few opportunities to build some scripts where I am currently (using Protractor) but I have very little experience in programming skills. I therefore feel I want to start with the basic concepts and learn to walk before I run.

I hear terms like “objects” and “elements” thrown around for example but I have little concept of what they are to a language to consider adding them into a piece of code. Therefore can someone recommend any free courses they know of that go through programming fundamentals please? I think this would be a good place for me to start before I then start to learn more about JavaScript and Protractor…and/or whatever else?

Thanks in advance.

(Aine) #2

Hi Darren, there seems to be a chat already happening that might be useful Resources for Test Automation

(Darren) #3

Thanks Aine. Looks like there’s coverage around data types and variables and that’s a good starting point for me.