Advise on Selenium Training courses

Hi there, I’m currently learning all there is to know about Selenium and based on people’s experiences would be interested in finding out which online courses people would recommend. I’ve done a couple already and have found that I glean new pieces of useful information from each.




I found these quite useful when I was looking at Selenium

I did end up getting a book as well (think it was the Selenium Webdrive Practical Guide - was a reasonable price on Amazon).


I used both the getting started course from @alan and the
Selenium webdriver one from @friendlytester which is currently being updated.


I should say actually that Richard has released an updated course on his blog Free Selenium WebDriver Course


Cucumber and cheese is a really instructive book, I would definitely recommend it. It cover Ruby, Cucumber and Watir.


There’s lots of free online courses but I found many were using Java implementations so depending on your familiarity with the language, that may be a constraint.

The reason that the implementation language matters is due to the limitations of the selenium framework that you’ll almost definitely want to extend, (such as custom identifiers or managing delays)

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There are Guru99 tutorials on the net which are free.
In my case however I bought some eBooks on Amazon.
One being Selenium WebDriver: From Foundation to Framework by Yujun Liang and Alex Collins. It is full of mistakes I must say and sometimes a bit difficult to understand to me but in the end of the day it is full of nice tips. You should have preferably a good knowledge of Java and Design Pattern + Maven and Spring to benefit from the book but I’m going through it without knowing much of some of these fields which explains why it is a bit difficult to me.
I have another one on the shelf I should maybe have read first but i think I will go through that one quicker than the previous one. Anyway it is Absolute Beginner (Part 1) Selenium WebDriver for Functional Automation Testing: Your Beginners Guide by Rex Allen Jones II which is free in its eBook edition on site.

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I hope you are doing good.

In this competitive world, It is not enough to be a good tester. The career and field of software testing are more challenging over the last few years. The customers do not require just good software testers but they want a person who is having a good command of new tools and techniques that can help them to improve product quality and save valuable resources.

Now in day’s Selenium is on-demand and shown promising results, So you should have to study everything related to Selenium Testing.

Below is the list of top best selenium online training and courses, which will help you to improve more in this field.

  • Learning Selenium [LinkedIn]
  • Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks [Udemy]
  • Selenium Certification Training [SimpliLearn]
  • Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# [Udemy]
  • Robot Framework Test Automation - Level 1 (Selenium) [Udemy]
  • Selenium with Python|Best for beginner | Frameworks -34+ hrs [Udemy]