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I am a SW testing professional with 10 years of experience and currently working as a Technical lead in testing. My aspiration is to become a Test architect. I have been mostly into manual testing so far, However for a couple of years in the beginning of my career I had done some coding using C language… But with the rapid development of Agile methodologies, it has become almost mandatory for testers to be having automation experience to be in demand in the job market.
Can anyone suggest me whether learning selenium and BDD tools like Cucumber will provide me the needed skill set to enhance my career growth? Also will be great to have recommendations of some good courses for this.


You need to have good amount of experience in software testing field. Yes, as per demand in market, software testers should enhance their skills and should learn Automation . Every client in Software industry is looking for Software testing companies who provide manual as well as automation testing services. This is the good idea to enhance your testing skills from manual to automation.

Why automation Testing: Clients are looking to have automation of their products, because they want to reduce manual effort to reduce regression test cycle. And that’s how automation play a important role in every organization.

From where to Start: First of all, you will have to learn any language in order to make robust automation script. I will advise you to start from Java, this is Object Oriented language and most popular currently. You can follow any blog online to learn Core Java. When you perfect in Java then learn Selenium, TestNG and Maven.

Framework: Learning programming language and automation tool is not enough. After that learn you should learn framework creation and this will also come as per experience too. There are already different type of frameworks like BDD, KDD etc. Different frameworks has different approach and style to pass data and create/manage locators and methods.

Hope this information is helpful for you.


Very good advice from @vishaldutt .
Start on any free / or paid (perhaps it keeps you motivated):

  • codecademy - (free and paid)
  • pluralsight - (10 days free)
  • udemy - (free and paid)
  • linkedin - (1 free month)
  • khan academy (“for free. For everyone. Forever.”)

P.S.: Since I’m a new user, I’m not allowed to post more than 2 links. But you’ll find the way easily!

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If you want to get started with Cucumber and Gherkin I recommend this course:
It’s no very long but it will give you a good overview of BDD.

And for test automation, this course is pretty nice to get a broad sense of the subject:

Obviously, I might have a “slight” bias toward Pluralsight courses, but it’s only because they keep the quality of their content on a very high level - I’m not affiliated with them in any sense whatsoever.

They got a lot more courses on these topics but these two are okay to get your feet wet.

Best of luck! :grinning: