Hello from Liverpool, UK

Hi Everyone,

My name is James and i’ve been a tester for just over 6 weeks now.

My main duties are in manual testing but the company’s idea is to get me into doing some automated tests in the future.

If anyone has any tips or any resources to help me along i’d be very grateful :smile:

Welcome, well you have found this place after just 6 weeks so you are on the right track.

In terms of resources there are plenty of useful threads on here you can check out like:

and automation specific there is

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Welcome James
Say hello to Liverpool from me, it is a brilliant town.
Automation look into IDE Selenium https://www.seleniumhq.org/projects/ide/
this is very easy to understand.

Cherrs Silvi

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Thanks for your recommendations guys :smile:

I’ll have a look and get stuck in as soon as I can.

Definitely get yourself along to Liverpool Tester Gathering, there’s an awesome community there willing to help you.

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I completely agree that Selenium is a commonly used tool for performing UI automated testing by driving a web browser ( i.e. it mimics the behaviour of a user interacting with the UI but does so via the html of the UI).

You should also be aware that it depends on what type of automation you wish to perform. Something like automating API testing or Data layer testing doesn’t require Selenium at all.