Hello to all community

Hello to everyone . I am new to this big community . I am a graduate of computer science ( university ) and i am working ( first job ) as a manual tester for 6 months. I want to take a step forward and start learning some more technical skills in order to become a software tester( quality assurance engineer or something similar ) . My coding knowledge is basic.
Any idea on what to focus ? Moreover if you have any really good course to share with me i will appreciate it. ( Prefer free but if course is really worth the money i could buy some)

Thank you and nice to meet whole community
Vasilis !!!


Hey Vasilis - this article is very popular for newer testers:

Also, we recently hosted TestBash Essential in Brighton - it was our first TestBash testing conference focused on new testers. The videos were recorded and will be available shortly. It’s really worth signing up for a Pro account to get access to them (plus our entire archive of talks and courses).


Hello @vasileios and welcome. Couple of places to start are;

Free online courses

And not sure if this is Pro but looks great for your situation, good luck

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