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Hello All, I am new in this community and I am preparing myself for my upcoming manual testing interview. Can anyone suggest to me some important topics which I can cover during this time because my interview has been scheduled for next week. Please suggest me.


Hey Adi,

I think I good place to start would be @heather_reid’s article here:

Some great stuff in there that just being able to read up on a little, will help you in the interview.



In this competitive market, Most of the companies facing problems while hiring any software or QA Testers. Do you know why? :thinking: Because of the lack of the required and important skill set. So, Today As an experience Software testers, I would like to suggest to you some essential Software Testers skills that every software testers should have to grow.

1- Good Communication Skill
2- Unique and most Positive approach
3- Familiar with new technology like IoT, DevOps, and Agile
4- Coding knowledge
5- Management Skill
6- knowledge about Latest Web and Mobile Technology
7- Business Mind
8- Test Automation Skills
9- Unique and out of the box Thought Process
10- Reporting Skill

Keep all the things in mind and All the Best for your interview :blush:


Unfortunately no one knows you, what you applied for(job desc), the company, what they need.
So I think almost any advice given would be a bad one.

Good luck for your interview! Treat it as a conversation - you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you! Read up on the company and know what they’re about. Have some questions to show your interest.


Some of how you interact in interview is going to depend on :

  • If the role has opportunity for automation or tooling development to optimise testing speed, and if that kind of thing interests you. I have had to turn down test jobs because the scope was exclusively manual testing.
  • If the role is working for a subcontractor or “test house”, because that changes the kind of options you have.
  • Have a question about kinds of testing tools and technologies they expect candidates to know. This can spark deeper discussions about techniques and so on.
  • Try to find out if the interview is for “team fit” or for “tech fit”, some companies do these in different order, but it’s always good to know which one is coming first.

Agree w @melissafisher , have some questions of your own ready, like how often do you have company socials, where was the last Christmas (insert relevant festival here) party held? For example, My current employer actually seem to want to celebrate many times in the year; and other kinds of questions that may get the “interviewer” to tell you if they love working there or not. My boss gave us the day off for JuneTeenth for example , which was kinda weird.


Thank you so much to all, It’s very useful to me and I have cracked 2 rounds in my interview with the help of your references and this manual testing interview questions list.

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Nice. “Pesticide paradox” is a new one on me, I like it. That is a helpful resource there @adisharma .

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Thanks for sharing very helpful