New to software testing

(Narayana Nelluri) #1

Hi guys,

i hope every one is good this is N.narayana i am working on manual testing in a small sector company. So just give me the yours valuable suggestions how to improve my skills.

(Pushkar Joshi) #2

Welcome to Software testing community, You will learn a lot as your experience grows. For the time being concentrate on basics of Software testing and try implementing different testing techniques to uncover defects.

All the best

(Narayana Nelluri) #3

Thank You very much for your valuable suggestion Pushkar Joshi.

(Heather) #4

Welcome! Have you seen this post?

(satveer) #5

Hi Narayana Nelluri ,
Congrats to you for starting a career as a software tester . There are many tools for manual testing like bug magnet ( also you can read topics here like how to test text boxes, sign in page , forgot password page . this is very good platform to get vast knowledge about testing .

(Narayana Nelluri) #7

Thank you for your suggestion . .



(Danhbai Sunwin) #8

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