Help! New learner

Hi everyone,
I’m new in Software Tester, any advice from where I can start. I watched SDLC and methodologies and types of testing.
I don’t know what I have to do to help me to start.

Thanks in Advance


HI @fatma,

Welcome to the community.

Is the following on your radar? It’s a great place to get started.

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Plus lots of useful advice from the community on a similar question recently shared on Twitter:

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Thaks for your help, any recommendation Course?


There are some courses here at the MoT Dojo; few are free and plenty of other regular events, so joining an active community can help a junior out. And if you get stuck there are always people whiling to help out!

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If you are into automation and ready to do that kind of thing TAU (Test Automation University), don’t be miss-led about the name; has a lot of automation and general testing skill modules too. It’s a great gamified learning platform.

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