New to a Junior Tester role

Hi everyone,

I am new to the Club! I recently accepted a position as a Junior Software Tester with an education-focused company in the UK. I have previous experience in automation, light programming, and general basic testing. I have not had the chance or need to delve into the wide world of software testing with my last job.

I am very interested in gathering as much information as possible in this field because I am passionate about making this my career going forward. I am a creative person by nature and always have been, and I have put that to good use in the past to make improvements, find holes where others haven’t, and generally improve the customer/consumer experience. I like to find creative solutions to problems.

My start date is not yet for another month but I am trying to read up on general testing principles and practices, as well as getting more information on the tools used. I am sure I will be much more active once my role begins and I have a better idea of what tools my company uses.

Hope to see you all around!


Welcome to the wonderful world of testing Megan :slight_smile:

There are lots of people offering their support as mentors in, which might be of help.

I’d be happy to offer suggestions of different resources you can use to help learn about different ways to test, people with various insights, and other things too.

Also, have a look at It has helped people new to testing in the past, some have now even started speaking at conferences after learning, so the benefits are immense.

I will point out I don’t work for MoT, I am simply a passionate advocate of what they do.


Hey Megan!

I’m new at the forum but I saw your post at front page. I wrote my first blog post weeks back about my first year and there is some tips!

Ask anything if needed!


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Welcome Megan :grin:

This post on the Club might be useful for you

It relates to an article I wrote about getting started in software testing and there’s some advice from other members of the community here. There are lots of getting started posts! If you type “Getting started” in the search box here you will find lots of helpful posts and tips.

If you have any questions, there’s plenty of us here to help :slight_smile: