Three Questions Every New Software Tester Should Ask

Ministry of Testing launched a LinkedIn newsletter at the start of 2023. Each newsletter article has got a lot of attention which is awesome. Each one celebrates someone in the community who has produced something that’s been published on the MoT platform. Written by me or @sarah1 – based on our own interpretations and experiences.

So I thought, why not bring them onto The Club to spark conversations, share ideas, celebrate and debate? Here’s the first one that’s helpful for anyone new to software testing.

Becoming a software tester is exhilarating, fascinating and mind-boggling.

Your journey will go in many directions. Asking questions will help you get started and will continue to support you throughout your career. These are three questions every new software tester should ask themselves.

1. How much am I interested in software testing?

Motivation for the software testing craft goes a long way. Do you like exploring technology? Do you spot things that others might not observe? Are you curious about how the software works? Have you heard from others how great a career in software testing is? Lots of people get into software testing without knowing what it is and how they can get better. That’s ok and you’re not alone.

2. What do I know now that I need to learn about?

You might have an idea of what software testing is and how it can help every person on this planet. You might’ve read a definition somewhere or watched a video. Take note of your existing knowledge of the software testing craft and decide where you would like to explore and dig deeper. There is an incredible amount to discover and learn – and for those experienced folks, learning never stops. How motivating!

3. Who and what is going to help me?

Create a list of people you know or don’t know that you think would teach you something about software testing. What information have they shared already that you could learn from? What questions would you ask them? How might you find a group of people (a community) who are open to sharing their knowledge and experience with you? What type of learning material and community connections is going to help me?

If you want to dive deep into all the things every new software tester should learn, read @heather_reid’s essential article:

:page_with_curl: 30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn :page_with_curl:

How about you, if you were starting again, what three questions would you ask yourself?

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