What are your favorite resources for new testers?

As Meetup Organizer of the Ministry of Testing - Boston, many new software testers have come up to me over the past year to ask me how they could start learning about the field.

I usually refer them to a few favorite references of mine:

A new favorite of mine is the free eBook from the New Zealand based Mike Talks. His book is “How To Test”. How To Test by Mike Talks [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]

It goes over an introduction of testing oracles and heuristics, using observational skills, raising a defect, browser & exploratory testing.

What are your favorite resources for new testers?

-T.J. Maher
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If they are really new then the 4 Hour Tester site is somewhere I like to point them towards.


The Testing Map can be an interesting place for people to have a look at, gives a good overview of how big the field is and there are a collection of testing challenges on there (http://testingchallenges.thetestingmap.org/) which are good practice to work through.

Thanks for the mention TJ! Yeah, I deliberately wrote that to concentrate on the basics of the job. We now use it in my team to onboard graduates, and over at Summer Of Tech here in Wellington.