New Agile Tester - Why am I reading so many Books! HELP!

(Scott) #1

Hello Everyone,

Now on Month 2 of my new testing role coming from a technical specialist customer facing role.
everyone I have asked for help and advice all say “Read this book” and " look into this on here "…
I like a good read as the next person (currently reading Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory)

I know this might sound like a silly question but anyone know any videos that have helped them in the past? I want to have a good mix of visual learning and books.

I’m off to the software testing North in a week in York - if you see me say Hi! - I will be the one looking extremely out of my depth.


(Ali) #2

Hi Scott!

Have a look at replies to this Tweet for some videos on exploratory testing (please note, I haven’t actually viewed all the videos myself, but there’s a lot of content there).

Also this talk by @danashby is really useful - I took a lot from it when I saw him present it at a testing event last year:

Hope these help!

(Daniel) #3

Hey Scott,

Welcome! Personally I have found the MoT podcasts a really good listen for bits of information, especially on the daily commute, some of these may be of interest, there are 71 episodes that I can currently see on Castbox so should be something for everyone :slight_smile: