Hello from South Dakota!

(Valarie Boon) #1

Hi all, my name is Valarie and I’ve been creeping on the site for months and am loving all the information from everyone!

I started testing by managing our change management process, I was the project manager and tester most of the time. Now I am the test manager for our client app and account management website.

My company is great, however, the other testers don’t really want to learn about testing and just kind of do the bare minimum. So if anyone has any good books or things to help me learn “the right way” I would be ever so grateful.

Looking forward to learning more with you all!

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(Ady Stokes) #2

Welcome @valarieb not sure what your working methodology is but when asked for reading there’s a few books that are mentioned over and over. Agile Testing and More Agile Testing by @janet_gregory and @lisa.crispin are great. Explore It by Elizabeth Hendrickson. 50 quick ideas to improve your tests by Gojko Adzic. There’s also loads of great content here like



Have fun :slight_smile:

(Valarie Boon) #3

Thanks, I will check those out! We don’t really use a specific methodology because the business side pushes for waterfall because they are all old school, but the devs push agile. So I am kind of stuck trying to marry the two most of the time.

All of our testing is manual as well. I am trying to learn how to write automated tests, but am getting lost because my company doesn’t really follow the same structure most of the time.

The other test manager here has talked about agile and how it works, but I am finding their definition is not in line with what I have found so far. Needless to say I am a very confused person at times trying to figure it all out.

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(Robert) #4

Everyone, everywhere, does Agile differently, it seems to me. So it might help to try to settle on one feature of Agile that you think would work in your situation and try it out. There are no right or wrong answers on this if you find something that you can make work.

(Robert) #5

I joined my current company about two-and-a-half years ago, after having been in some sort of testing or another for around twenty years. I joined an established testing team, and I found that my new colleagues were heavily into Rapid Software Testing and the ideas of James Bach and Michael Bolton. They have taught me more about testing in the past two years than I ever learnt in the previous twenty! You might like to search for their blogs, books and courses to see if there’s anything that you can adopt to start on a path of reforming your test strategies.

(Kim) #6

Hi @valarieb

Nice to have you here and I am very glad your enjoying the testing chat.

Cheers Kim from Australia :slight_smile: