Hi my name is Will!

Hi friends, my name is Will and I’m a Quality Analyst at ThoughtWorks in Manchester.

This is my first role in something relating to software development, with my past experience mostly being in retail and IT support. Aside from doing my ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing, I basically have no experience, so I’m eager to learn literally everything I can.
I quite enjoy coding, though I am only a novice, so I’m pretty eager to learn about automation testing (Just come across Cypress, and that seems like an exciting alternative to Selenium!)
Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet some of my Mancunian testing amigos at Test Bash in Manchester, but in the meantime, greetings to all of you, and if you can recommend me any good books, then that would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:



Welcome to the club, Will!

Hi Will, if you’re wanting recommendations for testing books to read, then try Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory’s “Agile Testing” and Alan Richardson’s “Dear Evil Tester” for starters - the former is good for the practice of testing within an agile team, while the latter gets you thinking about the tester mindset.

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Welcome Will! I’ll be at TestBash Manchester, see you there! :+1:

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Welcome Will :wave:

Books you say, well there’s enough book recommendations here to keep you busy for years :wink:

See you at TestBash Manchester :grinning:

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