30 Days of Agile Testing - Day 3 Videos

Find a video on YouTube about agile testing an watch it. That is the goal for today

I went searching today for a video on agile testing to meet today’s goal. I often go see what other people are saying so was glad for another reason. I found one on YouTube called ‘Agile Testing’ created in 2015 and within the first 5 minutes, I had to stop watching. Everything we (Lisa Crispin and others of the community) have been trying to teach about working in parallel and collaborating with developers, the presenter didn’t talk about. Mainly she was teaching a mini-waterfall. It says to me that she did not really understand what is meant by agile testing, and it made me realize why people are so confused. So many different interpretations.

It is hard to make videos - I know because Lisa Crispin and I made one called Agile Testing Essentials, but to have someone name a video called agile testing, and then really not talk about collaboration is sad.

There are many good things about anyone being able to put their views out in public and it can be good if the people watching understand they should be looking in more than one place for different opinions. This day of the 30 days of testing was disheartening for me.

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Hope you found a better one - perhaps this one:

I’ve seen that one before. There are some great ones out there, but thank you for suggesting it.

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Late to the party with this one:
I found a video from Atlassian on agile testing
Some points of interest in this:
The proposal that, in principle, developers should be able to test, that the split of development and testing into roles done by different people can be viewed as an artificial one and a cause of unnecessary friction.
That testers can, in an agile setting, act as test advisers, picking up some testing but spending a large proportion of their time supporting exploratory testing done by developers of each other’s work. Though itwasn’t that successful at the start.
Mention of QA-demos and QA writing testing notes for the developers who are going to test – not checklists/scripts – to get the Testing Developers thinking critically for themselves about testing
Then another change is described of the testing advice being delivered to the developers rather than the developers who are testing – QA Kickoffs

I found a lot to think about here

"Agile Testing , Videos on YouTube " https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/agile-testing-videos-youtube-mj-alavi by @mj_alavi #30daysoftesting #agileTesting #QA
Gathering some videos about agile Tesing and published in Linkedin

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A few people blogged about the videos they watched for this task

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