30 Days of Agile testing, Day 18: How can you make testing jobs easier?

I saw the title of todays challenge the first time I read through the list and I was concerned it would be perceived as “make testing something anyone can do”. Then I realised that communication would actually be a big part of this day and the next (how you can make other team members jobs easier).

I can make my job easier by communicating with the rest of the team well and vice versa. We can ensure that we all understand each others roles & what we need from each other to help us with our jobs.

One of the first problems I learned early on in my career was related to bug reporting, communicate really detailed reproduction steps! Just last week I couldn’t figure out exact reproduction steps for a bug. I forgot I’d had a screen recorder running the first time I found the bug. This saved me so much time and it was less than a minute long.

This brings me to the task of the day: making testing jobs easier. For me, dev tools on different browsers and screen recorders are easily the top two things that make my testing job easier. I’ve also discovered tools such as lighthouse through various team discussions which really help.

Another way we could maybe make testing jobs easier is to think about when do we stop testing. Sometimes we can stray too far down a path with testing or do jobs that aren’t testing, making life difficult for ourselves and adding little to no value to the team.

How do you think we can make testing jobs easier?


One way to make testing easier is to get involved with the requirements and development early.

Ensure the requirements are testable and maybe getting them “tweeked” to make them easier to test.

Chat to the developer that is going to write/ is writing the code (especially tricky areas) and see how they are going to write it and see if they can make it easier to test.

I have made requirements easier to test using both these methods.


Wow @davewesterveld is on a roll!

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Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying them :slight_smile:

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