30 Days of Agile Testing - Day 3: YouTube Video

The 30 Days of Agile Testing Day 3 task is:

Find a video on YouTube about agile testing and start a discussion about it on The Club.

I’m cheating a little bit here and sharing a recent meetup video from @ailuj876 that’s open to everyone on the Ministry of Testing website

I loved how this talk brought in communication, tools, how to learn - a really well-rounded approach to being an agile tester :heart:


I really this old one: Agile Testing: The Role of the Tester in an Agile SDLC – PT 1 - YouTube
What I like about it is the focus he gives to the value testers have in the Agile SDLC.
I love feeling I’m needed :slight_smile:


I found this short one that I think explains the basics concepts in a clear way! :v:
How Testing is Different in an Agile Project


I watched this one: Adding Exploratory Testing To Your Testing Strategy PT 1 It was refreshing to listen to how common problems between testers and developers can be easily solved by pair testing.

On another occasion, I also watched this Quality at Speed, How JIRA Does QA - Webinar - YouTube bu Atlassian. I liked how they explain what problems they identified and are attempting to solve by continuously improving the process. Inspiring :raised_hands:


Day 3 - I discovered EvilTester and watched Alan Richardson “What Is Agile Testing? A Software Testing FAQ and Definition Overview”.

It is important to remember a major point: everything can change such as Project, Risks, Test approach.
I can’t agree more on the whole team approach “involve everyone”, “different people can test better or differently”.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/6Jnw1jMjSY4


I found this really great video on Agile Testing from the great folks over at Agile Testing Days where they attempt to Explain Agile Testing to a 5-year old.

I loved the way each speaker goes into their own simplified explanation of what agile testing is.


I really like how he talks about how these days in Agile environments “everyone is testing”, but then figuring out how do you find your place in this, as a tester.


I wanted to add a video of the talk Tom Roden and David Evans gave about ‘5 quick ways to improve your specification’ at the Agile Testing days in 2019 (i think?) but I can’t find it :sob:

ok, im not sure if there is a video of it. But there should be.


I like this video from James Shore

Agile Without Dedicated QA

The title is a bit misleading. It mainly talks about bugs, where they come from and how to avoid them.


Though I Have watched this video before, I could not help but watch it again and share for the 30 Days of Agile Testing series.

Michael touched on the mindset that a tester should have, and how RST and Agile share some similar characteristics.

Michael Bolton, Agile Software Development and Rapid Software Testing


This sounds interesting, I will make time to watch it.

Sometimes there is an advantage is being a little late. There are so many awesome suggestions on this thread. I saw a few suggested ones and really loved What is Agile Testing? by Alan Richardson, Evil Tester. I resonate with the point where he talks about developers and tester learn more about testing as the agile team matures. The approach to testing changes with each iteration because the focus starts shifting from MVP to more robust software.


I love the picture of the testers personality which is created in the video

When I start with a topic, I usually will do a bit of research about a definition. So here is a short video about agile testing, about testing as a central part of the agile SDLC. That testing is not only a testers duty instead it is a whole team activity.

That sounds fairly simple and straightforward. While working I realize regularly that changing a mindset requires a lot more. But this video might be a good point to start to share an angle of agile testing.

Simple explanation :slight_smile:

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How Testing is Different in an Agile Project

Super nice, short explanation on the differences in Agile Testing to the more traditional approaches. Do you think it’s possible to cover the differences eloquently in a shorter video?


This is brilliant, never seen anyone do it all in less than 4 minutes. Nice find. Hey, and welcome to the MOT. Hope to see you around here more often and keep digging out the inspirational content and sharing, that was a brilliant find.


I found this one interesting:

I think the two main focuses are using test automation or testing during development phase. Although as much as TDD is great for testing out individual functions, it does not test the behaviour of the app itself, and that’s where BDD testing comes in.


I like how the agile mentality comes up with solutions that are initiative and engaging to communicate better and overcome certain challenges. Planning Poker in Scrum is the best example I can give to this statement. What are the other solutions Agile comes up with you think that are a good example of this statement?