Certified Agile Tester Course

(Ady) #1

Hello everyone, I’m being sent on the Certified Agile Tester course in September and wondered if anyone had experience of this one? I’ve read the itinerary and looked at some test questions and am struggling to see what value I will get out of this.

To offer some background, I’ve been working in Agile environments on and off since 2009 as a tester and seen/experienced lots of ways of applying Agile. I’m a senior tester who mentors others, helps run our community of practice and internal workshops. I’ve even stood in as part time Scrum Master on occasion.

While I don’t want to be negative about the course or spark a general debate about certificates versus no certificates I genuinely would appreciate any insights you could share as I’m struggling to see what I’m going to take away.

Thanks, Ady

(Margot) #2

Hi Adrian!

Well, for a lot of people that aren’t as lucky as you to have worked on Agile environments getting to know/learn about Agile can get a little tricky. You can search around the web about Agile and read about x and y topic but didn’t know to look into z ( h, i, j, k ) which if you were in an Agile team those topics might seem obvious but if not, then you haven’t heard of them and often when searching about Agile, and not knowing specific topics to look into you might run into different articles which explain the same basic beginner agile principles. Also there is the problem where you might bump into a different article or webinar that teaches things slightly different and that could get confusing.

So I guess for me CAT really helped to clear things up. I suppose it is this unified source of verified information that you can “trust”. It’s a very complete bank of information I believe. A lot of terminology and definitions. Specially useful for people who have been working for a while with the same type of non Agile or little-bit-Agile teams that want to know what real agile is about and plus stuff beyond the typical “working in cycles” and “daily meetings” deal. Although if you come in with 0 knowledge in Agile the amount of information you receive can get a little overwhelming.