Are there any good resources for introducing non-testers to software testing?

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I’m the first in a dedicated software/firmware testing role in this business. They have a team of existing general quality and product testers though. I’d love it if there were a video introducing the basics of software testing, helping break down some of the more common stereotypes.

@jesper responded with:
This could be a great place to start re: non-testers: Teaching non-testers about testing

Single tester … how about here: Only and First specialised Tester in Company

Tester types…hmm … how about good old: Tester Types The E-Book

What else would you recommend?


I give a talk called Testing 101 for Agile People that covers a lot of what you’re probably looking for. I’d be happy to give you the deck if you’d like to share it with them. It covers testing concepts and thinking like a tester.


Yes please share a link Jenna, thank you!

I’ve been preparing one too, still very very early days, so any support would be highly appreciated :heart:

Is the deck useful without the talk? Then yes, that would be helpful :slight_smile: