Hi. New to the group, looking to learn and grow

Hi. I’m Dan from Melbourne, Australia. 7+ years as a manual tester looking to upskill in Automation. Came across the MOT group with all it’s fantastic information. Still a bit unsure of where to start but slowly getting through all the posts on here and info with similar situations.

Love to connect with anybody who has info on training etc.



Hi Dan :wave:

Welcome to the Club :grinning: We have quite a few folks on here from Auz @kimberley, @amcharrett, @paulmaxwellwalters, and @trishkhoo would be quite a bit north from you I believe but may be able to help. @lee.hawkins is Melbourne based so may be able to help you out locally a bit more.

In case you haven’t already seen it, TestBash (our software testing conference) is heading to Sydney for the first time this year in October. The wonderful folks above and more will be attending.

If you’re interested in upskilling in automation, maybe check out the latest 30 days of testing challenge which has it’s own whole category here on the Club.

Alternatively, you might want to check out Automation in Testing by @friendlytester and @mwinteringham which is an online course and free to access to help you dip your toes in :slight_smile:

If you’ve any questions, you’ll have no shortage of help here :grin:


Thanks Heather really appreciate the info!


Hey Dan,

Welcome to MoT. There is a lot here especially for what your looking for.

Hope you can make the TestBash Sydney in October I think you would benefit from the contact. I think there is a guide on how to approach your HR or Team Lead around getting the company to sign off on it as a professional growth course for yourself and the team you work with.

I am up here in Brisbane currently working with a team bring bullion back crypto currency to market later this year. I am definitely interested in how the testing is going down in Melbourne etc are you working in fintech or some other field?

Anyway hope to chat, everyone is super friendly here and I am sure if you cant find an answer here just ask it as a question. Everyone is very proactive in sharing their experience and knowledge. :+1: