Hi, everyone! Ben here, from Venice, CA

(Ben) #1

Hi, I’m Ben. I’ve been in QA for 10+ years. I just stumbled upon this group, and am eager to network and learn from others on anything and everything testing. I love the multiple disciplines inherent in testing software and the challenges of using my role to continuously improve the product.

I look forward to some great conversations!

(George) #2

Welcome Ben.
I find the multiple disciplines and variety of user perspectives interesting also. And the MoT serves some important needs for the test community. Our American time zones are somewhat offset from the busiest activity, but Monday morning will arrive in Europe soon.
George (in New Jersey)

(Ady) #3

Hi Ben, and welcome

We testers are a diverse group with lots of different interests and the testing universe is so very diverse. Are there any areas you are particularly interested in?

(Ben) #4

Hi Adrian,

There are really too many to name, but I guess automation stands out a little more, as does design. I also really like close collaboration. I think testers very rarely get much input or give feedback on aesthetics, but they should, since it’s literally our job to be the customers’ eyes. A tester with solid ideas on how to improve conversion rates, for instance, is worth their weight in gold, IMO.

How about you? What are your main interests in regard to testing?