Hello from Honduras

Hi folks,

I’m Warren. Three years ago I transferred to the QA team where I work and I’ve been having fun ever since. I’ve joined MoT because, although I’m a learn-by-doing, let-me-figure-it-out kind of guy, there are some things that are not best learned by performing a web search. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you here. Cheers!


Welcome @wpost you’re in the right place, to learn new stuff, a have meaningful discussion about testing with friendly QA nerds - I joined for pretty much the same reasons and I’ve learned a ton of stuff by interacting with this lovely community!


Welcome to MoT @wpost !

QA teams are the best! <3
What kind of QA are you into?

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When I came onboard I was one of the rote testers on a project not yet stable enough to automate, which was a good place to start. We’ve been able to automate much of that work since then, and I use the time saved to indulge my love of exploratory testing.