Greetings! and Hello!

Hi :wave:

My name is Andrew Meyer

I’ve been a Test Engineer for half a year

I joined Ministry of Testing to Learn and meet others in my field.
I enjoy reading, art, and comics(Manga) hope to learn and get along well with you all


Hello Andrew. Welcome to the Club! Happy learning


A very warm welcome to you, @rameyer. And thanks for posting an intro. Good to Club-meet you. :smile:

Whenever the timing is good for you, I’d love to learn about some of the challenges you’ve faced in the first 6 months of your career as a testing professional.

See you around.


Welcome to MOT. Look around. :slight_smile:


Welcome @rameyer to MoT!

What is thy field? :wink: What kind of QA are you into? :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the warm welcome!
I can definitely say my biggest challenge is with people. From explaining my job and defending my position to my coworkers; To explaining my tests and why I did them. It seems the I.T. Office culture of withholding information or details so people keep having to come to you as some form of job security is my biggest enemy. This also carries into plans, and agendas from what people want to what Time allows or permits. I admit that satisfying my gluttony for information that ties into my job is often my desire, but one I feel is necessary.


I am currently the only full Test Engineer in the company I work for, of course, many of the Developers do their own bit of testing, but because of this, I try to cover all forms of QA in my projects. I do as much as they allow.


Thank you I hope to learn much,
With that in mind, I am curious about how to get more experience, what would you recommend be a good place to start looking? Given your experience what were some of the best projects that helped you improve and grow in this field?

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  • If you want to get into automation, Test Automation University has got a wide selection of free courses available.
  • Ministry of Testing offers a wide variety of learning opportunities as well
  • But above all, just get involved, and enjoy the ride!
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Thanks for sharing, Andrew. Much appreciated. I do hope there are opportunities for you to explore those challenges in a positive way and you feel supported in doing so.

I’ve literally just been reminded of @testerfromleic’s fantastic set of blog posts. And perhaps this particular one resonates, if not on your radar already: How Testers Can Use Three Coaching Questions To Tell Better Testing Stories That Leave Their Stakeholders Well Informed About Their Work. | Vernon Richards | Quality Coach

A simple and handy way to frame how do you describe what you do to others.

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