New to the world of testing

Hi :wave:

My name is Alex

I’ve been a tester since 2 weeks ago

I joined Ministry of Testing to understand the fundamentals of what testing involves, in preparation for a new job as a QA associate engineer.


Welcome @alexandergoss to MoT!

I’m so glad you chose the path of a tester! <3
You’ll find a lot of knowledge here, how have your 2 weeks been so far?


Welcome to the career path starting blocks Alex. This is not a sprint, it might feel like it now, but it’s a long track, so we do hope you enjoy. Do tell us more about the domain and role, and also what you most are wanting to understand about the field or the actual problems.


Welcome Alex, if you get stuck on something, want to talk about testing, or just hang out with other testers just post here on the Club, there is always someone online, hope you like it here! :smiley:

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Hey @alexandergoss welcome to the club!

+1 to everything already said.

If you haven’t done so already check out the upcoming events and the Slack workspace