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Welcome to the Ministry of Testing Essentials community on The Club. In this special area of the forum, we get together to support one another on our learning journeys in testing. It’s a great place to meet both individuals who are starting out in testing and more experienced testers who are looking for opportunities to teach, mentor and coach.

To help people get to know you, drop a quick message in this thread and say hello. Why not tell us a bit about what you hope to achieve in Testing, what you would like to learn or what you’re excited or nervous about starting in the industry.

We’re super excited to have you join us in our awesome community, so let us be the first to say hello!


Thanks for the warm invite @mwinteringham. My name is Chris, and I work for a technology company in New Zealand.
I am very new to Testing, having only been employed as a Junior Test Analyst three months ago. I am really enjoying all of the new challenges I am facing, and I am very excited about all of the opportunities to grow and learn that come with being a Tester.

At the moment I am mostly doing manual regression testing, although with time my role will include writing and automating test cases.

Once again, thank you for the warm welcome, and I look forward to becoming an active member of such an awesome community!


Hi @chris.orton

Welcome! After spending a bit of time in Wellington last year I can say that you have an awesome testing community down your way. Definitely worth taking advantage of. We have some online material coming online soon that might be of use to you, so keep an eye on this area :slight_smile:


I am working as a Software Quality Assurance Specialist in an IT Organization. I didn’t find Testing career a good decision when I started my career as Tester as in my current organization Testers are only responsible for creating Test Cases and Performing exploratory Testing and/or System Testing. But I searched about the Testers communities and got to know about ministry of testing. I read the posts and articles published on The Dojo resource. I read the posts by multiple members of community which makes me realize Testing is not only about click & check.

I am also learning Automation. And I am planning to go with SDET profile in future.

Thank you to all of the community members. And I am going to become an active member of this community from today. :relaxed:


Hi @dishti

Thanks for joining us. One of the interesting things about testing is that I don’t think very many people plan to go into testing, we kinda just fall into it. I was supposed to be a rock star!!!

Great that you’re reading our articles, we’re going to be publishing a lot more introductory stuff that helps frames things better for beginners and experienced testers alike. Hopefully you will get some value out of the work as well :slight_smile:

- Mark

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Hello @dishti. Good to see you here.

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And hello to you @rahulr Welcome to The Club

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I am a Quality Assurance Specialist for a medical software system. I have been in the IT/Software industry for about 17 years but only fell into the testing role about 5 years ago when I started working for a new company. I am the only tester with 9 full time and 1 part time developers and have been doing manual testing for our desktop app but they are developing a web version and I would like to automate some of the testing. I have used some different automation software but discovered that “no coding needed” are just marketing words. (:grinning: :laughing:) and would like to become at least somewhat proficient in writing code. I didn’t tell anyone in management that I was taking this course (or the upcoming one at TestBash detroit) so I can wow them with my unexpected skills! (or not tell them if I tragically fail or hate it… :shushing_face: :joy: )

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I’m just saying hello. I hope to learn some new things.

Hello to you @jennf and @meshack and welcome to the Essentials area of the club.

@jennf I’m sure you’ll do great, half the challenge is taking the chance on training. Just getting involved will expose you to new ideas and skills some of which will be unexpected!

@meshack I’d love to know if you have some specific ideas of new things you hope to learn.

Thanks Mark. I am working on the Introduction to Java course in the DoJo. I started with the AIT free course but I prefer to watch videos when they are offered so I can back up and re-listen if I don’t follow something. Although I may go back to the AIT course when I finish this because it looks like it may cover more.

Hi Mark. I need some guidance. This is probably not the correct place to ask but if you could guide to where is - I am working on the pre-class guide for the TestBash Detroit class and today I have had issues with IntelliJ. I am getting a symbol not found message. I think I read 500 threads on google (well maybe not exactly 500) but I gave up. As a last resort I uninstalled it from my PC and left work for the day. It was either that or throw my computer on the floor in a tantrum. I figured someone in the MoT group could help but I didn’t know where to look - slack? The Club? Is there an “I hate IntelliJ” support group :slight_smile: (btw-humor keeps me sane.)

Hi @jennf I believe you are on Automation in Testing, so I can help you with those issues. The best thing to do is to email me or catch me on Slack. My email address is

Thanks for welcome message Mark
I am Ankana Thakur…having around 8.5 years of experience in financial manual testing in BFSI domain. I am here to get connected with people in Testing community. Also to learn about certification relevant to my profile so that I can enhance my knowledge skill and career . Above all I have noticed that we are moving more towards Automation and so I want to learn that too
I have recently moved to UK( Reading) and also looking for opportunities here in testing. Prior to coming here I was in India and have worked on multiple projects.


Hi @mwinteringham, I currently work for a very large tech company in Ireland and I hope to move into testing this year. I started my career in localisation testing many years ago and absolutely loved it. Excited to get stuck into the resources here on MoT! Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, my name is Josephine. I’m currently in Retail but making a career change to testing. I’ve been self studying and passed my ISTQB last year #GoMe.
I’m excited to start a career in testing and have just started the MoT course with Mark and Dan.


Hi @bigfeckineejit / @jfoass / @ankana ,

Excited to have you here. Hopefully our Essentials material will give you a good boost in your learning and get your exploring the awesome things you can do in testing. Don’t forget to get involved with the activities and share with fellow learners on The Club.

Thank you for the invite @mwinteringham. I am a software QA/Testing professional with 12 years experience. I am reviewing this course for use by the new and inexperienced member of my company’s testing team, but also as a refresher for myself. I think that the farther we get away from our early days of learning as blank (-ish) slates, the more we can forget the basics, and start to think of ourselves as experts. While I have 12 years of experience, and have taught QA and testing principles to multiple fortune 500 companies, I view myself as still learning. Everyday, still learning!

Hi everyone!

I’m Genesis, System Engineer from Venezuela. This is my firts “formal” contact with QA learning. I’m so excited because I always have tested things, but actually has been by intuition, not with appropiate tools and skills.

And now, I’m going to learn properly and that’s awesome!!


Welcome! Actually a well developed intuition is a very important test skill. But the tools are needed to specify the problems.