Say hello and introduce yourself!

Hi everyone,

@mwinteringham here! Just introducing myself very quickly and encouraging you to do the same to get to know your fellow attendees.

I’ve been working in Software Testing for over a decade working as a freelancer for a wide range of clients such as BBC, UK Government and Thomson Reuters. I’ve been a passionate exploratory tester and toolsmith / automator for a long time now. I love getting into the guts of an application and learning how it works as well as building tools to help me test. I’ve also been teaching Software Testing in different forms for 5 years, and I love helping people discover the craft of Software Testing!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon :slight_smile:

Hello! :wave:
I’m Dan! I’m also a testing and quality enthusiast like Mark. I’ve been working in leadership and coaching roles for the past 6 or so years at some big companies like eBay and AstraZeneca. I have been deeply involved in the testing community for most of my career too, doing talks and running workshops, and mentoring, coaching and teaching people too.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hello all!

I am Germán and I have been a Tester for around 7 years. At the moment I am on my path of rediscovering my career and learning as much as possible about it. I will be joining you from sunny Thailand.

Looking forward to learning from you all and filling so many knowledge gaps!

See ya! :open_book:

Hi everyone!

My name is Thomas, I’m from Holland and, unlike Germán, Dan and Mark, I’m actually fairly new to Testing :sweat_smile:.
I don’t have a lot of experience, but I’m really looking forward to this course and to learning about the vast field of testing. And to getting to know you guys, obviously.

See you in a couple of days!


My name is Karen, I’m from the UK. I’m also pretty new to testing. I have a little bit of experience in game testing, and switched to software testing last year.

Looking forward to learning more about testing!

Hello all!

My name is Kyle, I’m from the USA. I have about two years of experience with functional/manual testing, and I am looking to further my knowledge of testing since switching over to QA from an IT support background.

Looking forward to learning from everyone!

Hi everyone!

I’m Diana, EventBoss at Ministry of Testing. I’m originally from Portugal and my experience has been mostly around organising small to large scale events. I’m doing this course too so that I can start having a better understanding on what testing is about.

Look forward to meeting all of you!