Hello from Portsmouth, England

Hey all, my name is Steven. I am a realtively new tester, starting my first junior role in Feburary, with no prior experience in testing or software.

I am hoping to get to know some of you in this community and learn more about testing practices and habits.I have currently only done balck-box and exploratory testing, But am I teaching my self robot-frmaework for automation testing.


Hey Steven!!! Welcome!! :smiley:

You should come over to the MOT slack if you’re not in it, lots of opportunities to meet and talk to other testers! There’s even a virtual-coffee channel that pairs people up every week and you can chat to testers from all over the World. Super cool. Either way, welcome to the community new testing friend!

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Welcome Steven :wave: between here and the MoT Slack as Bruce mentions, you’ll get a lot of support :slight_smile:

There are a couple of posts on here about Robot Framework but if you have a question you’d like to ask and you don’t see it already, please do ask.

Congrats on posting here, Steven. And how very cool you’re on a new testing adventure!

Is this article on your radar? Perhaps it’ll be helpful – it’s epic and by @heather_reid (above this here post):

30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn


Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I have just joined the Slack now. Look foward to interacting with you all there :slight_smile:

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Hi Steven,

How are you. First of all, congratulations for getting into IT. I am also trying to get into Automation testing. Hopefully very soon, I will be there. You can ask questions on slack as others mentioned and get answers. Congrats once again.