A wild new tester appears!

Hi guys I’m new to this forum.

I currently work as a Test Engineer at Scientific Games and previously worked as a games tester at Sega Europe and Pole to Win Europe.

I’m looking at the ‘‘Essentials - Introduction to Software Development and Testing’’ To get more knowledge about software testing.

My plans for the future would be to get experience in web application testing or steaming platforms


Good to hear. Welcome to the Club.

omdays hello friend and welcome! Have you checked out the MOT Slack? There are loads of ex-games testers about and there’s a virtual-coffee that pairs you up to virtually meet another tester every week for a chat! If you wanna make friends in the community real fast, I’d totally recommend it. :3

Either way, welcome welcome!

Is slack where you can virtually talk to other testers?

Yeah there are discussions happening on there all the time. There is a specific room called #virtual-coffee that pairs you up with other testers who want to take part so that you can have video or audio calls with them to talk about whatever you want.

If you like, feel free to message me (I am Bruce Hughes on there) if you want a chat! Or pop a message in any of the rooms, we are generally friendly :3