New to the QA Scene

Hi all,

Pleased to meet you. I’ve joined here to make connections with people working in the QA industry and to participate more in the QA community. As of a little more than a year ago I joined a company who provides third-party software testing services to a variety of clients. My main role is helping new and existing clients with their questions, initial engagement with our lab, proposals, and everything in between, but it’s been fairly interesting to dive into QA as a subject overall.

There’s definitely a lot to learn but I’m hoping to get into it more and meet some friendly faces along the way.


Welcome Clyde :slight_smile: look forward to seeing you around the forum, reach out if I can help with anything.

Tell us more about you - what are your interests outside of testing/quality?


Also Stu the extra keyboard is en route! I’ll be able to respond twice as fast once it arrives!

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Thanks for the welcome and will do, thank you!

As far as other interests go, I thoroughly enjoy reading and music. I’m an essayist as well but haven’t really written much in the last year as I’ve been quite preoccupied with work. Other than that, I enjoy getting out in nature and going on hikes with my wife. What about you?

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Thanks for the welcome, Kurt!


You should tots go to some testing meetups in your area if there are any~! Lots of cities have 'em, and there’s usually some good mixes of different types of talks from automation to heuristics to ways of working etc. Love me some meetups, and meetups made me love my job more as well.

Hi there, thank you!

That’s a really great suggestions. I’m based over in Boise, Idaho, so I wonder what’s going on here. I’ve been to a few tech conferences but that’s been about the extent of it. Anyway, great to meet you!

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Welcome Clyde. A good resource for most things tech (mostly dev, but a lot of work-life stuff too) is John Sonmez has a lot of good information for the tech industry in general. He also has a free course on blogging, and since you like to write, he accepts blog (or other) posts. It may or may not be published on his website, but it’s a good way to get out there as well.

His website has free stuff and a paid subscription. He also has a bunch of short and helpful videos on You Tube. I’m a BA/QA by trade, but I like to read and listen to his (an other people’s) articles/videos.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the welcome and for the reference. I’ll bookmark that and have a look. He seems like an interesting person to follow.

Thanks again!

NP. Have a good rest of your week. Don’t work too hard, only hard enough!