Are there any local testers communities?

For example, but not necessary for here (since everything’s online anyways) - “Australia’s testers community”, or something familiar? For any location you can think of.

Are you a member in one? Is there something that pops to mind?

I feel I need to know and speak to more of “my people” :slight_smile:


There are a few in my area, mostly in form of meetups. I’m a member of most of them. Are you looking to grow your community or just searching for online communities to join? There are a lot of MoT meetups that are now online, you could join those.

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Why go local when you can join world-wide! :slight_smile:


I kind of agree with Mickey and Kris about online, it’s great. …But like you I find the depth of advice and guidance you get online is terribly thin. People stand on a soapbox for 60 minutes, speak and then vanish, while you have a product to release in 6 months time and you feel you have not got the right test tooling yet. It does not scale and give you the confidence and direction you probably seek. I can suggest hooking into the MOT slack channel. I think this is the form Ministry of Testing Slack Invite | MoT
And if you are online during normal Western Europe work times you can hook up in the hangout , we have had people drop in there who are based in the inland-India time zone too. Plus, find an icon, follow the on twitter, and ask questions.

Mostly, welcome to the MOT @themay , you have joined the most awesome community I have ever been a part of. Do take the time to pull up a chair, you will be here for a while. Tell us more about yourself and set up your profile.

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Yeah aside from meet-ups that are for our cities l/ regions we have a Swedish testing slack community

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