I have a novel idea!

We can add a MOT organization on github and communicate in it. We can also fork or star some test-related tools to help new testers learn. You can also create discussions in it to attract more people to join the MOT. If this is feasible, I am willing to contribute to it


@simon_tomes What do you think?


I think this is a great concept, but I wonder about maintenance of a git repo though. Especially if it grows quickly.


I fear that it would be another split of the community. Which the team currently reduces.

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From my experience in maintaining git repo, this is not a difficult work

Github org only studies, shares or communicates with the excellent testing tools on github, but we should stay in this community about the topic of testing profession itself

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Thanks for sharing, @eason.

Cool idea to have a place for folks to share and discuss tools.

As it happens, there’s the Ministry of Testing Tools directory.

It’s super basic right now and we have lots of plans to improve it. @friendlytester is the product lead for this product and can share further details if you’re interested. Perhaps it’s a good opportunity to collaborate on it with him.


Might be cool, if people could put their challenge projects there, like for Test.Bash()

Unless there is another way to tie repos that are public, in the main GitHub org. See labels a thing?