New job in automation

hello guys, one company offered me a job in automation. I will be leading all automation in testing… I little nervous about how to manage and cope with automation at my new job …how will I resolve problems at the job and I will be the first QA joining in their team…so little nervous


I saw in your shoes recently and it went better than I expected. It’s important to be straightforward - in my case I was expected to do automation in Java, but I told them right away that my experience was with C# mostly and they told me to pair with one of their Java devs and I’m really getting to like Java!

People with different roles can help you by giving you some of their unique knowledge. For instance, if you have Business Analysts, Product Owners, or any role focused on what customer needs from the product, they can give you deep insight into the requirements and the business logic/domain knowledge. Talking to the developers can give you a deep look into the existing system(s), from a technical perspective, like what kind of database they have, the coding standards, explain the code base to you, tell you about the web services which you can leverage in your automation, and a lot more.

To summarize, look for testing allies, do maybe some workshop to present the importance of testing , schedule regular short meetings with individual team members and just be hones and forthcoming.

Welcome to the MoT, by the way, I hope you like it here. Best of luck!


Welcome to MoT @satveerqa

Being a bit nervous is good :slight_smile:
Remember that life is falling and standing up again, so don’t worry if you make a mistake or do something unexpected. Learn from it and move on. Every new job will require a learning curve on how they work so don’t worry, you’ll be great :wink:

Good luck and if you have any questions, we are here for you <3

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Congratulations @satveerqa .
I’m hoping you get over your imposter syndrome. I have found that having a large hot-chocolate or other drink and maybe a favorite snack and a few hours of good personal quality time doing a thing you enjoy gets me over those moments of uncertainty. Do feel free to keep asking for guidance. Also may want to access more training materials if you can get signed up to MOT PRO membership. I’m sure you will be fine.

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Thank you very much guys for your support. I already got a job offer and will join next month as a QA Engineer but bit nervous about the new job and automation. but you guys really supported me so that gave me the relief I will ask you questions once I encounter any problem. They are working in cypress. so learning cypress now. I never experienced working from home. this job will be working from home


Thank you very much, Mirza!. Hope everything will be fine. will let you know guys once joined


Congratulation @satveerqa
You know that you are capable that’s why you are here. Now enjoy your new role. Take anything new in life as a challenge and be strong that you can win over the situation.

As you are saying you are the only one QA in your team so much involved in all meetings try to understand what are the requirement and plan accordingly. There are chances that things will not go as you plan and at the last point, you need to take big decisions so take those without fear. There is a good chance for you to showcase all your hidden talent.

If the new requirements are confusing get discussed first at the lead level, where Business Analyst, Dev Lead make the user story ready for grooming. The thought process behind this is to solve possible doubts/gaps in the story beforehand and detail them out so that the team’s time is saved.

Try to Utilize automation which will save your time. Hold peer reviews often. Prioritize bug tickets.

In the end, I can say “None of us is as Smart as All of us” so give your best. There is no such thing as failure, just lessons to be learned on the way. So, go ahead and believe that you can do it and you’re halfway there.

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