Hello from Newbury, UK :)

Hi everyone!
Looks like a cool site!

I actually started with a degree in finance but then I got sacked during the 2008 crunch and it was hard for me to find a job.

I then asked myself “where is the money?” and picked up a programming book. Was a C++ dev for a while but kept criticising problems with our product. We didn’t have any QA other than devs a little unit-testing and manual testing every now and then… I was asked by my manager to start the QA team and have been in QA/QM/SDET roles since then (let’s call it 10 years).

I joined here to stay on top of the new things and chat with like-minded people.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome :wave:

Sounds exactly like how I got into software testing :grin:

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Hello, and welcome!
If you ever want to extend the chat, I can highly recommend you join the MoT Slack

Hi and welcome to you!

Sure is!
Welcome @lutuvarka to Ministry of Testing!


What kind of QA are you into? Since you picked up a dev book, are you automating? :stuck_out_tongue:


I like understanding the product, which does involve manual testing and also I manually test when I RnD the automation solutions.
But I learned very quickly I am a bad manual tester.

First few times is fine but after a while, I either get bored and distracted while I am supposed to be clicking around or I auto-pilot it and miss bugs.

Huge appreciation to people who can do it. Not me.

Oddly enough, I rarely automate Selenium stuff. My roles were always some products that offered a proprietary interface. Most of my career I was with a company that develops IDE’s - so that was using SWT bot to interface with the java application.

Then lots of TCP sockets for testing the services offered by a registry.

Then API-level automation. But funnily enough it’s rarely HTTP API but again some proprietary web protocol :slight_smile:

But I am fine with Selenium. Actually Selenium is amazing and I use it for automating life chores in general :smiley:


Hi, Welcome onboard :slight_smile:

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Hi, nice to meet you!

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