Hello from UK :)

Hi :wave:

My name is Abdul

I’ve been a tester since 2007 and have been with my current company since 2011. There has been so many times where I felt I should have moved on didn’t make the move.
The QA structure in our company has been awful since day one and unfortunately right now we are just 4 senior testers with 15 devs all reporting to a dev manager
It’s been a few years on and off since I’ve started to learn and get involved in automation testing but we haven’t had an experienced automation tester, we have pretty much relied on developers.

I joined Ministry of Testing to share my experiences, to learn and also to contribute :slight_smile:


Welcome to MoT @zed0011 !
2007… That’s a long road. What has been your favorite time period? What kind of QA are you into?

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Thanks Kristof. I had a few contract roles from 2007 to 2011. I enjoyed the manual qa role and it had more structure and processes. My current company i’ve had ups and downs to be honest. Maybe i’ve been there too long. We never really had a dedicate QA structure when I joined in 2011. No QA/Test manager just 2 QA’s me and someone else. We followed the waterfall approach and used to start testing right towards the end. Around 2014 the company hired a Test manager who lasted a year before he was made redundant. I did enjoy the time he was there. We hired another QA manager a few years ago and she lasted a year before she was made redundant.
We’ve had a QA team lead who left the company last year.

I have been very comfortable/complacent in my work place maybe because i’ve been there so long. I don’t think i’ve learnt as much as I should have. I have a lot of domain knowledge and have a lot of experience in testing those apps. I had a short stint in being a QA lead but didn’t really enjoy it. I wanted to learn c# and get into automation testing its been a uphill journey. We’ve had a couple of automation testers in the last 2 years who left within a couple of months. I’ve done online courses learning c# selenium/specflow but still feel I don’t know enough (maybe I have the imposter syndrome!!)

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