Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

Hi folks,

I’m pursuing QA as a new career path and way to get more exposure into software development, coming from a technical non-programmer background. I recently completed a general overview of QA as it pertains to the SLDC and key QA documents like a test summary and plan. I have worked in QA, primarily manual testing, but unfortunately the role ended sooner than I’d have liked.

  • Self-directed learning since: An overview of QA and key documents like the Test Strategy, and how QA fits into the SLDC, particularly Agile development

Here are my three key objectives right now:

  • Learn Selenium and complete some basic testing with Selenium and the language I know best currently (Python)
  • Complete rounding out my picture of QA today, including other key frameworks. For example: I gather Selenium is so common because web dev is such a huge area, but what are the frameworks / tools for systems or backend testing and test automation?
  • The most significant objective: How can I create testing exercises that qualify as “relevant practice”? In other words: how can I simulate and demonstrate real-world testing to gain relevant experience that employers would recognize?

Would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, and thanks to MoT for creating such a community! :heart:


Welcome to The Club @infohiking :wave: Sounds like you’ve got a pretty well structured approach to your career path :grin:

I’m sure others would have better suggestions than me for objectives 1 and 2 so I’ll offer my own experience for objective 3 and it might help you.

I used Crowd Source Testing to help me get a range of experience in different areas (and help me pay off some bills). I started with Products and sites to practice testing on first though to help me get some foundations experience so those two might help