QA Trend Worth Looking into

Hi All,

I was wondering what would be lets say top 5 QA trends to be looked at? I know automation is defintley one of them, but what would be others? How to test in an agile environment?Worth investing on manual testing process?

I would like to hear thoughts from others in this community.

Thank you!

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Automation, Agile, Exploration, API testing and DevOpsy stuff

I wanna say that we don’t have enough Mobile Testers outhere, but don’t have any datato back it up.

For Automation start with a few tools, pick anything that you find interesting except from Selenium. There are so many folks outhere that are just using it as a buz word it drives me nuts

Agile is for you to understand how to work with the teams. I think more and more companies caught up with what Agile is. Beeing a good Agile tester is very important for the success of the team

Exploratory alot of non test folks dont even know what that is. You need to learn that for you, and for adding that value to the product that you work on

API testing is awesome, you can check integration, functionality, performance. So manh cool tools outhere like Postman and Karate. API by default is always on the integration layer and thas is when you get more bang for your buck

Testers Automate Checks, DevOps folks automate everything else. There are alot of crossfuntional responsibilities in these two roles. And really the comlliment eachother so whel when done right.

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Shift Left
This is such a great opportunity for testers and test engineers to demonstrate how they can improve quality and project pace.

I see testers leading conversations about the project.
Reach out to your developer and your requirements analyst, start conversations about the project, their views on testing, and methods of working together to create great products quickly.

Become Part of the Construction
I see testers getting involved early and often.
When requirements are written, engage the author to help with clarity. When designs are discussed, advocate for testability. When implementations are reviewed, include a review of the unit tests and make suggestions for unit tests.

Lead Your Team in Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Technical Implementations
I see testers writing better tests when they can read and talk code.
In my opinion, it will become more challenging as a tester to have an impact without an ability to read and talk code, and rudimentary coding patterns. While new trends in implementations become available every so often, the patterns are very similar.

Finally Dump the Term QA and Be Proud to Call Yourself a Tester
Quality is a team sport and all of the above demonstrate the place you earn on that team!


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Not sure about a top 5 but we should all be learning more about accessibility and creating inclusive designs. Not only is it the right thing to do but the enforcement of regulations and subsequent court cases are making the risk of fines and reputation damage even higher.

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