Test Automation Book Club

I know loads of Testers, in very different places in their career, all interested in gaining confidence with Test Automation / Automation in Testing.

Many resources already exist for self-paced learning, courses, tutorials, book camps, and books. It all exists. I don’t need to start building more of those resources.

What I want to know is:

  1. How are you using peer groups and communities to hold yourself accountable and encourage you to keep going with your automation journey?
  2. Is there room for a new space to come together and share your journey, and find other learners to pair up with for mutual benefit?
  3. If someone were to start regular live streams doing automation challenges, maybe in a pair or ensemble, would you watch/join in? Would you find that valuable?

I’m in the early stages of thoughts here, and I’m keen to know what people are already doing, so I can join in/direct people to things that exist before I put too much effort into creating new things. Thank you for your input.


I’m part of the international “DevOps book club” currently going monthly (ish) for 3 years. Mostly books from IT revolution, but also some on various forms of test automation, eg. the API book from @mwinteringham

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Lovin’ these questions and initiative, @fullsnacktester.

I’ve created a new chat channel. Let’s see if we could make that one of the places folks go to to keep the conversation going and hold themselves accountable.

Head on over to :toolbox: Automation.

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I’ve taken a few self-paced courses, but I don’t feel like I have a handle on “good” automation technique.

I’d love a live stream! It’s a great idea, but the time zone difference would be a challenge.

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