Hello from Berlin by a new joiner!

Hi all,
In January this year (pre-Corona), I met a founder of a startup which engages in software testing. His startup was selected for an incubator programme which I am proud to be lead coach of. However, as my background is in business, I was thrilled when he mentioned MoT to me. Today I finally get an opportunity to take a first introductory class on software development and testing.
I am hoping to learn more insights - whilst I have been working with tech startups since 1999, I want to better understand this area and educate myself about it.
Grateful to Frederik Fix (Bugzoo) and excited to be part of the wide MoT-community now!
Susanne :slight_smile:

Welcome Susanne. You will want to check out MOT Dojo and sign up for the premium membership subscription. That will give you access to a huge collection of recorded lessons, inspiring talks, and miscellaneous materials and templates. That should give you a good load of ramp-up initially needed.

So you are talking about a test outsourcing programme?

Hello Conrad, thanks a lot for your prompt lines! I have actually found a class already in my current subscription. - Yes, the startup I mentioned offers an automated testing programme (https://www.bugzoo.co/). Cheers from Berlin!

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