Hello from Germany!

Hi everyone!

I´m Jana, living in Cologne, Germany, and have only recently joined the software testing business. Until last year I was living in Belgium for about 10 years, working as Service/Product owner and process manager for a big international company. Most of the experiences I made there (mainly on business side) are luckily very useful in my new role as software tester as well, so my main focus is now to study and improve the testing part, best practices, principles, tools to use, etc.

For now I mainly did manual testing, although I dared to dip my toe into some automated UI testing with Selenium IDE and webdriver (I was very happy to see some tutorials on that here as this did not yet entirely go as planned :sweat_smile: ).

My main challenge though is that my current company is relatively small and there is no other tester available I could learn from, so I´m hoping to get a lot of inspiration, tips and tricks from the MoT community :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to connect, learn, exchange! :smiley: :wave:


Welcome Jana!

Lots of great, helpful people here who are happy to help and learn to together.

Feel free to ask questions and share as you learn.

I currently do mostly API testing, with plenty of automation. The odd UI, but not much. So happy to help where I can.


Great, thanks Ben! I´ll certainly come back to you on that :slight_smile:


I have to ask Jana, what made you move from managing people to managing quality?


Hi Jana,

and welcome!

Cool, I lived in Brussels (well, Sterrebeek to be precise) long, loooong ago.

Here, you’ll definitely will find people to help you!



Managing quality was somehow always part of my previous positions, so I don´t have the feeling that this is such a big change of mindset (or maybe I always had some kind of focus on that by myself). But the actual change was due to practical reasons: Corona-induced uncertainties in my old job, me wanting to move back to Germany and a company that offered to support me while I train to become a software tester. So here I am :smile:

How did it happen for you?

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Thanks, Stephan! Brussels is very nice, I love that it´s so international! I used to live in Gent, have you been there? Slightly smaller than Brussels :wink: but definitely as much charm to offer

Having a strong product/business background is very helpful for testers. There is never enough time to test as much as you’d like, so prioritizing to find the bugs that will have the largest impact to the customer is crucial to delivering a high-quality product.