Hello from New Zealand

Hi! My name is Samantha and I live in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I was born in South Africa and lived there most of my life but I’ve been in NZ for 3 and a bit years.

I started out as a Business Analyst. After moving to NZ, I moved into a testing role because of the need in the town I moved to (Small town, not too many tech companies) which was fine because I was usually the tester when I was a BA anyway :slight_smile:

I’ve been a manual tester up until now but because we’re in a growth phase, we need to up our automated testing so that we can go to daily release cycles.

I am using MoT to learn more about all things automated but my immediate need is in running tests in parallel to bring our test time down to 30 minutes and making the existing tests more stable and write new ones.
I am also learning how to be more senior (whatever that means in my company’s context which changes constantly) and take on a team lead role that’s opening up in the company.

Exciting times!

Excited to get to know everyone


Welcome @samanthaklouw. Nice to know there are MoT members close to you;-) I am based in Wellington and also will celebrate the 3 year anniversary of being in New Zealand soon. Wish you all the best with getting the team lead role :crossed_fingers:

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Welcome @samanthaklouw

Good to hang out with you after the panel - and see you here on the club too.
I’m sure you will find loads of resources on speeding up automation, senior roles, team lead roles etc - else reach out and I’m sure someone can help you out.

cheers Jesper

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Welcome Samantha, always good to hear from people back home in SA who managed the move. All the best on your journey into seniority (in a good way) , and do puke the forums for pointers on parallel test running. There is a automation subforum or category, so ask away.

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Hi Samantha, hope you like my bay :grin:

Ha Ha @ghawkes .
Send pics, both of you, send pics or it did not happen, would love to see pics of sunny beaches right now.


Hi Samantha and everyone!
Great to connect with other kiwi testers :slight_smile:

A couple of resources that might be useful:
I know you’re not based in Auckland, but there’s a Ministry of Testing Auckland group that might still be of interest to you:

There’s also a Slack group, which is a great way to connect with other testers:

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn too if you’re looking to find some like minded testers to connect with :slight_smile: