Who someone can give me some document and file setup Selenium tool?

Hi all,

I’m a beginning automation tester, I want to try to use Selenium for testing Embedded System but I have less knowledge about it so who someone gives me some document and file setup ?

Thanks all.

Hi Lee,

There is a number of things you to think about before jumping into working with Selenium. Firstly, you have to decide whether running automated tests through a browser controlled by WebDriver is the correct choice.

Selenium is a popular choice for acceptance testing a web application through it’s UI. There maybe more suitable automation techniques available to you via some API testing etc.

If you do go with Selenium then you need to think about what web browsers you want to run your tests on and which versions of them the use. You will also need to decide what language you plan to orchestrate your Selenium tests from, e.g. Java, Python, Javascript etc.

Mialee, I’m following on to what rob212 has said here. You need to determine if you are driving a web application that is accessible via a browser first. If so, Selenium/WebDriver may be a good way to go. If it’s a different kind of interface, then yes, determine how you would connect or gather information and see what makes sense.

If you would like to experiment with a quick Selenium/Webdriver setup coded for Java, I have a sample Maven project that contains a number of tests as well as browser interaction examples (again, this is fairly simple but I think I’ve given enough examples that it should be easy to expand upon). You are welcome to download it and use it as is from:

There’s a speed Walkthrough - Java file that should get you up to speed fast if you want to use what I recommend.

–Michael (@mkltesthead)

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Great resource you have made @mkltesthead thanks for sharing. :+1:

thank you very much :smiley: