Joint study on WebDriver/Automation Testing?

Hi everyone!

I started learning selenium casually about a year ago and have really been practicing hard these last few months during quarantine. Is there anyone interested in learning together in joint study sessions? I am primarily looking to make test cases and suites, discuss selenium concepts and best test practices, and practice interview questions to be best prepared for the job market once this all blows over. I’d say right now on a scale of proficiency, I’m on the beginner/intermediate side of things (4/10).

Currently, I’m doing the course here:

You don’t have to be doing that specific course, I’m really just looking for people that are interested to learn together and have some proficiency. If it makes things more specific, I’m learning in Java. So I’d be very interested if anyone wanted to practice core Java concepts also.

tl;dr looking for study buddies to practice selenium and java with during quarantine, and beyond. Please comment or message me if interested. Thanks!


My job entails appium/webdriver for mobile, but is mostly desktop native apps , so I am a newbie to webdriver , and to Java. My day job has kept me super busy lately, and I miss being able to chime in and be useful quite so much. Have been following appium tutorials and materials on linked-in learning myself. Keen to encourage, but not to sign up to anything competitive like TAU (Test Automation University), which sadly comes across as competitive and gamified. But need motivation to do modules while my day job is keeping me ultra busy still.

So right now only using it for native mobile apps, but will soon want to expand to desktop apps which are going browser-based. I’m thus very new to browsers. My question is.

Will an emscripten ported application be automatable using webdriver?

I am interested. Presently I am a beginner (2/10). Looking forward to new learning experience and sharing knowledge with you.

Hi Nwakor, I sent you a message. Looking forward to learning with you as well