Hola from Manila!

Hi there, thanks for allowing me to join. I’m Jay from Manila. I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 12 years now, but I’ve recently started my software development career just recently. It’s been great so far but I’ve got so much to learn, especially from a testing perspective.

My client uses Python as a backend and testing tools such as Behave and Pytest. I think BDD is great, but I haven’t found my groove yet into using it. I’d like to learn as much as I can from this experience. Cheers!

Hi Jay, hope you are still practicing and doing well. Would you be interested in studying together? I’m on the beginner/intermediate side of things. I’ve been practicing Automation by myself for the last few months, and was looking to coordinate with others. I’m learning Selenium with core java, hopefully we can all be best prepared for the job market after quarantine ends. Please let me know if you’re interested.