Excited newbie from Belgium

(Arno Mastyn) #1

Hey everyone!

I am a brand new software tester from Belgium. I’ve rolled into this job completely unexpected, having no IT experience whatsoever, after being selected for a training + job as tester at a company that employs people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in a variety of IT related jobs.

Yesterday was the last day of our training, and it was “Selenium day”. We’ve been warned up front that it might not be everybody’s cup of tea. They told us that, if we understood it enough, we could do an extra automation training. We used Selenium with java, I had no clue even what I was doing, but I loved it nevertheless. I really want to learn programming. I never thought I’d get selected for the extra training but…
I got selected! It starts next monday!

I am extremely happy. I do not feel ready at all for ANY of this, but I’m sure that I’ll make it to be a good (automation) tester one day!

I plan to be an active member here, for I am sure that all the tips on here will help me get better and better. As for now I still haven’t done any project at all, but I cannot wait to get my first!

Thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend!

(Beren) #2

Always great to see more testers in Belgium. :slight_smile:
The company you speak of has been doing great and supportive work for many years. I’m very impressed by them. (I only know of one company in Belgium with that business model.)

Good luck on your journey, I hope reading/seeing(?) more from you and be sure to visit the BREWT meetups: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/Software-Testers-in-Belgium/


(Arno Mastyn) #3

Thank you for the luck, I’ll certainly need it. But I am insanely motivated so I cannot wait to actually start.

It’s great to read that about them. I feel extremely welcome there and I believe that I’ll be able to get a great carreer with them. I want to gather as much information and get as much training as possible. Those BREWT meetings look super helpful! I’ll be sure to participate in one once I actually get a project assigned to me and get used to it a bit. It’s so great to roll into a carreer that actually has a community behind it. That is perfect for learning!

Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

(Janet) #4

Hi @onra,

welcome :sunglasses:

If you want to learn more about software testing you are definitely right here :smile:

There are some “30 Days of Testing” challenges here at the club. Actually the “30 Days of Testability” is running. Maybe you want to join it?

You’ll find one about Test Automation, too.

Have fun!

(Arno Mastyn) #5

Thank you so much for the welcome, Janet!

I’ve been reading about the challenges on here, and I will be sure to join in once I (finally) have my first project going :smile:. Last week of training starts today, and afterwards I expect to be introduced into a company soon. I cannot wait to actually start!

Looking forward to reading more of you, and have a pleasant week!
I’m sure that I’ll have loads of fun here :smiley:.

(Janet) #6

Hi @onra
good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

(Philip) #7

Hi Anro, welcome here. I signed up but I never post or really look on the MoT website (shame on me). But I saw that you’re a brand new tester so I wanted to say hi. I’m a relatively new tester as well (started last year in October). There is also too much that I don’t know, it would be cool if we could connect and learn together! It would also be interesting to see what happens when you start the project too :slight_smile:

(Tenzin Ngawang) #8

Congratulations hard work,perseverance & grit. I’ll take some comfort knowing that it is possible to start a Testing career w/o an IT background. Sending daily applications and pleading my case so lets see what the QA fairy has in store.

(Michelangelo van Dam) #9

Welcome to the testing community, especially in Belgium :smile:

Love to read your learning path and the challenges you face as a beginning tester.

Cheers from Mechelen :wave:

(Robert) #10

Welcome to this great community!

Testing is one of the few technical disciplines I can think of where there is a mix of people both with and without specialist backgrounds - or with backgrounds in different disciplines. Not only that, but the community and the craft of testing itself not only embraces those backgrounds but positively welcomes them because testing isn’t only about nuts & bolts. It’s also about how people use and react to software. And to understand that, every sort of approach and every set of skills and mix of experience potentially brings valuable insights to any given problem.

There’s nothing else quite like it!

(Ania) #11

Hi @onra :slight_smile: How’s the job?

There is also the meetup of SoCraTes; this one is in Gent, but you can check out the group for other cities :slight_smile: https://www.meetup.com/socratesbe/events/vbhqdqyzgbfb/