Hello from Belgium!

(Ania) #1

Hi! My name is Ania and I moved to Belgium from Poland over 1,5 years ago.
I am philologist by education, but 4 years ago I decided to try something new and I liked it - I’ve been manual software tester, first in Poland, then in Belgium.
I’m preparing to take an ISTQB FL exam in August in Brussels; if it goes well, I’ll try to tackle the Agile one some time after that. :blush: I’ve also been trying to learn new things - ATM I’m using courses by @friendlytester :blush:, to maybe automate my tests one day.
I’ve been following this amazing community for a while; I hope, that soon I will be able to help someone the way you guys helped me :blush:

PS. Are there any software testers here from Belgium? :slight_smile:

(Beren) #2

Hey Ania!

Welcome. :slight_smile:
If you’re looking for Belgian testers, I can definitely help you out.
I’m a Belgian tester myself, though I’m rarely ever there. As a matter of fact, I’m in Poland right now. :joy: (about 50 km from Krakow)
However, if you’re interested in joining some quality meetups, there’s BREWT (Belgium Research & Exploratory Workshop on Testing). https://www.meetup.com/Software-Testers-in-Belgium/
There you’ll find plenty of enthusiastic Belgian Testers with a variety of experiences and backgrounds.
Apart from that, get on the MoT slack Belgium channel and get the discussion going. :slight_smile:
… and keep on studying the good courses of @friendlytester and all the good stuff from the Dojo.

Hope to meet you in Belgium someday.
Gin Dobre!

(Ania) #3

Thanks :blush: Any meet-up planned during the summer maybe?
I lived about 150km away from Krakow (in Rzeszów, good luck pronouncing that) :grinning:

(Beren) #4

Hey Ania,

There’s a BREWT meetup planned at Tomtom in Ghent on the 6th of September.
A meetup page will be created soon. :wink:
Also, my 1000 km cycle trip from Warsaw > Zakopane > Berlin has ended, so by now I can pronounce Rzeszów quite reasonable. :slight_smile:

(Ania) #5

It’s a shame that on 6 September I will be traveling to Poland :disappointed: but, next time :blush: I participated in a meet up of SoCraTes in Ghent; don’t know if you know them? :grinning:

(Beren) #6

Sure do! It’s a good group too.
There’s been quite a bit of cross-over from them to us and us to them. :smiley:

Have fun in Poland!